Admatik Admatik


We are tracking 32mn mobile device IDs across Malaysia,
and fusing location & online behavior data into actionable audience profiles

A live audience curation dashboard to monitor audience movements and insights, in near real time

Live audience curation dashboard by tracking, mapping & analyzing mobile device IDs

Estimate your audience size based on demographic and location pins

Creatively strategize for dynamic custom messaging at scale

With AI enabled curation systems

we ensure highest levels of precision


The idea:Build custom audience segments based on movement data which gives us insights on what kind of content needs to be targeted to these

The activation: Single click activation with dynamic creatives based on defined business rules.

The formats: Not restricted to standard display, but able to choose from 350+ templates incl. video, and conducive to DCO

The measurement: able to attribute conversion rate based on audience segments, age brackets, and other affinities brand loyalists seem to transact more often than loyalists. This leads to constant learning at a business level, informing promo choices and product showcase